Legal Services

PRACTICE AREAS – While Mohammed Shariff can assist clients in a variety circumstances he is strongest in Rea Estate Law, Property transactions, Commercial litigiation and Breach of Contract.

CONTRACTS – From reality TV production deals to the initial steps of negotiating contracts  Mohammed Shariff has experience in drafting, reviewing and creating agreements for business and individual needs.

REAL ESTATE – Mohammed Shariff has taken many different approaches to assist clients in the purchase or sale agreements. Sometime it means rolling a deal up with complex finance packages where it takes time to clarify & assess the risks of the deal with the client. Other times, its taking a first time home purchaser by the hand and walking them through the usual road bumps and potholes of purchasing a home.

LITIGATION – Protecting the rights of businesses while taking the necessary business risks to make money, is well, lets just say it is what all companies have to deal with day to day. There is no sure thing in business, and Mohammed Shariff understands that. So when it comes to minimizing legal risks and expanding the avenues of cash flow for a company, Mr. Shariff is always by your side.

CORPORATE LEGAL COUNSEL – With experience in various companies from furniture retail to mobile application programmers  Mohammed Shariff is ready to lend a hand in legal and business strategy to make sure your company has an edge over the competition.

Mohammed I Shariff Esq. is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.