Born in London, England and raised in Princeton Junction, New Jersey, Mohammed Irfan Shariff is an attorney, Intellectual Property advocate and fashion designer. He earned his B.A. from Rutgers University and his J.D. from Widener University School of Law-Wilmington in May, 2011.

As of January 2010 he created FameAppeal.com, a website dedicated to trailblazing a legal niche, which provides an online presence that merges entertainment, fashion and business. He presently works with various tech, media, entertainment and fashion companies in Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York City.

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  • -Featured in a Fashion Law article by Above The Law

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Legal Services

PRACTICE AREAS- While Mohammed Shariff can assist clients in a variety circumstances he is strongest in Rea Estate Law, Property transactions, Commercial litigiation and Breach of Contract.
- From reality TV production deals to the initial steps of negotiating contracts  Mohammed Shariff has experience in drafting, reviewing and creating agreements for business and individual needs.
REAL ESTATE- Mohammed Shariff has taken many different approaches to assist clients in the purchase or sale agreements. Sometime it means rolling a deal up with complex finance packages where it takes time to clarify & assess the risks of the deal with the client. Other times, its taking a first time home purchaser by the hand and walking them through the usual road bumps and potholes of purchasing a home.
LITIGATION- Protecting the rights of businesses while taking the necessary business risks to make money, is well, lets just say it is what all companies have to deal with day to day. There is no sure thing in business, and Mohammed Shariff understands that. So when it comes to minimizing legal risks and expanding the avenues of cash flow for a company, Mr. Shariff is always by your side.
CORPORATE LEGAL COUNSEL – With experience in various companies from furniture retail to mobile application programmers  Mohammed Shariff is ready to lend a hand in legal and business strategy to make sure your company has an edge over the competition.

Mohammed I Shariff Esq. is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


Business Consultant

BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS- So what is next after registering your business as an LLC? Mohammed Shariff instructs his clients how to build their portfolio so to attract investments or potential buyers.
- Creative based industries proceed on a different wavelength; Mohammed Shariff helps them choose realistic short-term goals and creates incremental roadmaps so to expand their corporate potential.
BRANDING- Protecting your business/personal brand is essential to establishing credibility in your industry. Mohammed Shariff has applied corporate leverage, trademark protection and negotiated licensing agreements to increase profits for his clients.
With a diverse history in the fashion/entertainment business and legal industries Mohammed Shariff connects creative-based companies to the appropriate industry leader necessary to keep his clients competitive in their respective markets.


  Mohammed I. Shariff
50 Princeton Hightstown Rd. Ste I. Princeton Junction NJ 08550
Phone – 732-690-4902, E-mail mis@sabirlaw.com


General Manager of Operations of Furniture Retail Company (Private):                                       Dec. 2016 – Present

  • Negotiated the installation and licensing agreement to launch the company’s first cloud based point of sale software and inventory system with STORIS
  • Developed a location based advertising strategy that utilized Google Adwords and consumer behavior resulting in $21 Million worth of sale for FY 2017
  • Performed risk assessment of seven retail stores, corporate office, and warehouses
    • Created operating procedures and ensured workspaces are in OSHA compliance
    • In charge of creating procedures for privacy compliance for customer financial information
    • Created templates for vender contracts, employee handbook and retail sales


Sabir Law Group, Law Firm Associate                                                                                          August 2012 – Present

  • Corporate Counsel Experience
    • Negotiated >100 purchase and loan agreements ranging from $35k to $4M
    • Coordinated with clients and private equity investors / commercial banking institutions to execute the purchase of entities such as
      • Large scale retail center purchase agreement valued at $4.5M
      • Shopping center malls, laundromats, valued from $350k to $4M
      • Nationally known hotel chains and service stations with a minimum of 1.5 million
      • Warehouse purchase store and warehouse purchase agreement valued at $1.2M
    • Structured the purchase of shopping centers, office complexes, and warehouses;
    • Ensured property management takeover of tenant leases & reviewed estopple certificates, SNDA, rent roll, and P&L for tenants that includes nationwide retailer, commercial banks and government offices
    • Facilitated $6M transaction expanding private client’s warehouse and retail property portfolios
    • Drafted, edited & negotiated terms for retail and service companies that includes NDA, privacy agreements, copyright protections


  • Real Estate Experience
    • Represented property management clients in PA and NJ with 5 to 15 court appearances per week
      • Resolved Residential tenants
    • Performed up to three closings per day in PA and NJ including the following circumstances:
      • Transferred title after clearing numerous liens from an incapacitated seller by way of her court appointed guardian to my client
      • Under tight time constraints represented sellers that required 1031 exchange at closing to then purchase property within six month time frame
      • Represented private property owners from United Arab Emirates and People’s Republic of China
    • Experienced in quiet title litigation and lien satisfactions to effectuate property closings
      • Quieted title after fraudulent land transfer between family members
      • Effectuated settlement after issues with deficient legal notice by sheriff department were discovered in title search
      • Utilized technology to locate and satisfy liens from defunct mortgage holders
      • Litigation experience
        • Appealed municipal taxes & code violations that resulted in a $35,000 reduction in liability for a small business client
        • Well experienced in Landlord-Tenant Court in New Jersey and Pennsylvania; high case load from 5 to 15 court appearance per week
        • Settled a $3,000,000 copyright infringement lawsuit brought by wireless communication company
        • Represented clients in quiet title actions based on fraudulent transfer, fraudulent mortgage assignment, extinguish tax liens and successfully performed ejectment actions wherein landlord had been unable to access property for 200 days
        • Appeared in Executive Office of Immigration Review for clients who had overstayed their visa or unlawful entrants deportation who had been detained by Immigration Customs Enforcement


Bogan Law Group, Corporate and Entertainment Law Firm, Associate                    Sept. 2011 – July 2012

  • Drafted pleadings, motions, performed legal for state and federal lawsuits



Licensed to Practice:

  • State of New Jersey & Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Federal District Court and Bankruptcy Court of Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Educations: Delaware Law School                                                                                                   Juris Doctor Degree: May 2011

  • Appointed by Associate Dean to Law School Legal Technology Committee, (1 of 200 students chosen)

Rutgers University – Rutgers College                                                                                              Bachelors Degree: Oct. 2007



  • Mentored Philadelphia high school student to assure his graduation in City Year Mentor Program
  • Expert at Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat, Google Sheets, Docs, Calendar, Forms and Tasks
  • Restore Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) automobiles
  • Community culture leader
  • US Citizen

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